With a wealth of experience, a passion for justice, and a deep commitment to community service, Magistrate Kristen Smith-Rodriguez stands poised to bring her invaluable qualities to the role of a Circuit Judge, ensuring a fair and just legal system for all.

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About kristen smith-rodriguez

For Impartiality and Fairness

Kristen Smith-Rodriguez is a dedicated legal professional and public servant who has been diligently serving the citizens of Brevard County since 2011. Raised in Central Florida, Kristen has established herself as an influential figure in the legal community, contributing not only through her role as a General Magistrate with the 18th Judicial Circuit, but also through her involvement in various civic and community organizations.

Kristen's journey in the legal field began as president of the debate team at Winter Springs High School in Seminole County.  She then graduated with a political science degree and a legal studies minor at the University of Central Florida.  After successfully completing her studies at Florida Coast School of Law in two and half years, Kristen made her way to the Space Coast where she embarked on her legal career, initially working as a private attorney before assuming the responsibilities of a General Magistrate.

In her current role as a General Magistrate, which began in February 2019, Kristen presides over a diverse range of cases, including all family law matters, child support, Baker Act, and Marchman Act proceedings. Although she cherishes the memories of her time in private practice, Kristen believes that her true calling lies in ensuring that the law is applied impartially and justly for every litigant. In her courtroom, she fosters an environment where every individual is heard, respected, and afforded a fair hearing.

Beyond her judicial duties, Kristen extends her service to the City of Titusville, where she has been a valuable member and current chairwoman of the Board of Adjustment and Appeals since 2014. Here, she upholds the City Code and ensures that variances are just and appropriate under the established guidelines.

Kristen's commitment to advancing the legal profession is further demonstrated through her role as a board member of the Florida Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. During her first year as a Magistrate, Kristen saw a need for case management to ensure cases moved efficiently and effectively through the court process.  As a co-chair on multiple task force subcommittees with the FLAFCC, Kristen was a contributor to the November/December 2021 Florida Bar Journal article, Blueprint for a More Effective Family Court Intake Process and Beyond: Opening the Umbrella to Process Family Court Cases. Now, serving as the chair of the annual education program for three consecutive years, Kristen actively contributes to the dissemination of quality content and cutting-edge research for family law professionals, including lawyers, mediators, and mental health professionals.

Outside of her professional commitments, Kristen remains deeply rooted in her community.  Since 2013, Kristen has been a member, board member, and past president of the Kiwanis Club of Titusville, where she actively participates in initiatives that aim to serve one child and one community at a time. Kristen has been instrumental in installing community libraries, providing shoes for students in need, organizing holiday gifts and necessities for children, and has served as a mentor to the students in the Kiwanis Builder’s Club at Jackson Middle School.  The Kiwanis Club of Titusville partners with schools and local non-profits and by working together, we have created a network of support and resources that can positively impact the lives of children and citizens in our community.

Kristen's personal life is equally enriching, as she is happily married to Miguel Rodriguez, a firefighter for Orange County Fire Rescue.  Together, they enjoy traveling, playing billiards, kayaking, and making their friends laugh.  Kristen and Miguel take pride in calling Central Florida and the Space Coast their home and continue to make meaningful contributions to the well-being of their community in both their personal lives and respective professions.

Why I Am Running For Judge?

What is a general magistrate?

In the legal profession, a general magistrate is a lawyer who is hired by a jurisdiction to serve as a quasi-judicial officer who assists circuit judges by handling certain types of cases and procedural matters. In the 18th judicial circuit, magistrates preside over hearings and trials in the areas of family law, dependency law,civil law, and mental health. 

Their rulings on legal issues are made in the form of a recommendation, which is then reviewed and approved by a judge.  Magistrates manage their own caseloads, conduct legal research, analyze the facts of a case, and draft their own recommendations.

General magistrates play a crucial role in the judicial system by ensuring the efficient and legally sound resolution of cases and contributing to the overall administration of justice.

The Steppingstone of Being a General Magistrate

Kristen has always aspired to be a judge, but she understood the importance of gaining experience before seeking election to the circuit bench.  In her quest for experience, Kristen closed her thriving law practice in Titusville and became a general magistrate.  Such a steppingstone between lawyer to judge is crucial.  Serving as a general magistrate provides invaluable firsthand experience in handling a diverse range of legal issues and disputes which hones the necessary skills in legal analysis and deciding cases. This experience not only deepens the understanding of judicial procedures and precedents, but also enhances the ability to make fair and informed decisions under varying circumstances.

As a magistrate, Kristen capitalized on the opportunity to build a healthy relationship with the legal community by demonstrating competence, integrity, and a commitment to upholding the law.  She also developed a positive reputation among those who have cases before her.  While not everyone who leaves Kristen’s proceedings are happy with the outcome, everyone does leave knowing they had the opportunity to be heard and received a fair outcome under the law.

Taking the path to be a circuit judge is not a decision that Kristen made lightly or on a whim.  She has dedicated the time necessary to obtain the experience and credibility to effectively serve as a circuit judge.

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Kristen’s dedication to justice has been clear throughout her professional journey. Your contribution will help Kristen continue to make a meaningful impact in her courtroom, administering justice and fairness for our community.

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